I’ve been thinking…

My husband cringes when I say this. He is convinced that what comes next is not good- actually he thinks it is going to require some sort of extraordinary action on his part. He also loves it. Its our thing…but it is also how I preface something big I want to share. Sometimes it does require action, extraordinary or just ordinary, most of the time it just my way of sharing my thoughts.

So, on Friday when I had the most fun at breakfast with my dear scrap booking friends, we don’t actually scrapbook, we just enjoy breakfast and each other company. My dear friend KK started telling us about her blog. Actually we started laughing about it, maybe poking a little fun at her and her dh. She really wanted all of us to start one, she thinks it will be great fun for all of us. I’ve pondered starting a blog in the past. A place to put all random, “I’ve been thinking…” thoughts. A place to completely and tottally brag on my wonderful son, maybe poke a litte fun at my hubby, share my life with my dear friends, but most importantly a place for me to share about the blessings in my life. To share the “I’ve been thinkings” that my heavenly Father stirs up in me. All this from a breakfast with friends…it got me thinking…..

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