So this morning I am driving Anthony to school and I am completely struck by the beauty that surrounds us. I was taken in by the beauty of the leaves changing colors…the reds, oranges, and golds, interlaced with green. As usual I was filled with the love our Father has for us. I am dumbfounded that anyone could say that this was all an accident. That this earth with all her inhabitants and beauty of her adornments came to be merely by accident. That people are so willing to buy into that but will balk at the thought of a divine creator…One only has to open their eyes to see God and all that He created. Today as I, a somewhat intelligent being, drove in my car, passing so many other presumably intelligent beings as they went about their ways, to work or to school, how could anyone think that all of this…came because a single cell organism accidentally split? I take in the beauty of the sky, the wonders of the trees changing…such colors for a fall morning. That our Divine Creator created such beauty for us to dwell in…speaks, no shouts, of His love for us. He desires for us to live our days surrounded with beauty, beauty He spoke into life. This is no accident!

I dropped my growing, and no doubt about it, very intelligent, son off at school; and realized that he has one more game this football season…I am so sad. I love to watch him play football, but I am more saddened that time is going so quickly. Seasons…they seem to move so fast. The leaves are changing, where did my summer go? Football season is almost over, where did my little boy go? I am also struck by this new season we are in…not fall, not off season football, but the season of a new president, of a lottery in Arkansas…I am saddened, I am more than a little melancholy. What is this nation coming to? I see the leaves…I see the beauty that surrounds me…this nation is coming to our Lord. One way or another…He will rule.

I decide I need a photo of the leaves, as I arrive home, I see my little Georgie literally frolicking in the leaves that have fallen. I find some rather gorgeous red leaves from our Japanese Maple, as I tried to place them on the ground so I could get them in a pic, Georgie decides the leaves are all hers and takes them from me. I pick up another one, she jumps up and grabs it from my hand. She doesn’t tear them up or run away with them, just lays down with them. She has found the fun of this new season. Lesson learned my companion… Season change…but there is great fun, joy and beauty to be found in each new season. I will miss this season…but the new ones do hold the promise of more to come…

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