Tonight my boys are watching a football game. David is on one sofa, Georgia laying at his feet(shhh…don’t tell him) and Anthony is laying on a mattress in front of the tv with Raven curled up beside him or on him. One of my favorite things to do is to listen to my boys as they watch football together. This is something they have always done, but now it is different. Anthony is older and has become a true football player. Watching football together is more than watching it is also learning. The two of them watch football constantly, discussing plays or things they admire about certain players or coaches. I don’t add my two cents or use this as a time to tell them something that I’ve been thinking…this is their time. Their time to share, to grow, to teach, and to love. I am so blessed by this time that they share with each other. Sometimes I feel like my heart might burst because it feels so full. Especially the times I look at them and they are sound asleep, watching football 🙂 My boys…

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