Cold Saturday Morning

Since Anthony was old enough to talk we have had our “Lazy Saturdays”. I love to get up (late) and then just veg out the rest of the day. This is not something that David enjoys. So this is something just for Anthony and I. We usually have lazy days when David is at Guard Drill. As he is growing up lazy days are harder and harder to come by. But, alas, today we found one. It is currently 2:30 and I have not showered and have no intention to until much later…

When he was younger our lazy days were spent watching Saturday morning cartoons, a break to do whatever we felt like doing (playing with his toys, wander outside, etc.), then usually followed by a movie with popcorn and finally David arrives home.

Today we watched Time Warp, worked on a school project, watched a little What Not to Wear, school project and now I am listening to Anthony jam out on his Les Paul with his incredibly loud amp…my how things change. I am grateful for our time together and so enjoy the young man he has become. But at times I certainly miss the little boy who would snuggle with me on the sofa and watch cartoons. Ahh, lazy days….

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