Life is Hard

Just when I begin to think that I have it all figured out and have managed to pass through a certain rough patch something comes along that makes me realize just how hard this life really is. I know this is a result of the fall…but I am still somewhat caught of guard by life’s struggles. I read somewhere recently, “Why should we be surprised by our struggles and sins in the world; Adam lived in perfection in the Lord’s presence; and he still fell.”

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that since I read it. What makes me think that I should reach some point when it won’t be a struggle? I am a sinful person living in a fallen world removed from the Lord’s presence-and I think I am going to reach some magical point when life won’t be hard! Absurd………….

Yet, one day, because my hope is in Jesus, I know that I will struggle no more. I know that one day I will reach that magical point when life is no longer hard. The day I pass through the gates of heaven and enter into eternity to dwell in the full glory of the Lord I will no longer know sin or struggles or pain…life will no longer be hard.

Until then…I am grateful for all the moments that the Lord allows me here with my family and friends…even when life is hard…I am yet surrounded by love…isn’t our God grand!!!

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