Today we talked about Lazarus in the clubhouse (large group SS).  As we watching our DVD teaching I was struck by how much this situation is like mine with my brother, Matthew.  We watched a women act as Martha, Lazarus‘ sister, and she had such faith, she just knew that as soon as Jesus arrived he would heal her brother.  And then Jesus did not come.  Lazarus died, they buried him.  Martha and family were overcome with grief, Martha said to Jesus, “My Lord if only you would have been here, my brother would still be alive.”

I felt the same way when Matthew died.  I cried out to my heavenly Father, LORD, if you had only been here, my brother would be alive…I was overcome with grief.  I imagine I know what Lazarus‘ family felt.  This unimaginable loss, the idea that our Jesus had not come, had heard our pleas and yet chose to ignore them.  I believe there is greater sorrow because we do KNOW that our Lord can and does heal.  And did not…

Fortunately for all of us that is not the end…Jesus spoke life into the dead Lazarus.  Just as he spoke life into my Matthew.  Lazarus was raised up to spend more years on this earth and Matthew was raised up to spend eternity with our Father.  All because our Savior does indeed heal.  Not only does He heal, He bring life eternal.  I imagine Matthew and Lazarus have something to share with one another, they have a bond, a connection, both beloved brothers, whose family experienced great pain over their death, both raised from the dead by Jesus.

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