Collaborate Book!

I was blessed to be given an advanced copy of the Collaborate Book to read, ponder and then blog about.  I have been reading it and I will have to say my overall favorite thing about the book is in the title!

I LOVE the collaborating community.  I feel like the Lord has given us all different skills and talents to use in HIS kingdom not to try and build our own!  So many times I have come across someone with amazing gifts, wisdom, talents and knowledge and it seems as thought they are only intent on making their name known, building “their” ministry, and basically hoarding their gifts and ideas.

So to have a book in my hands that I can flip through and read the names of all the different contributors is amazing.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have done this I’ve gone through the book and read the names of the contributors and what ministry they serve.  What a blessing to read all the different backgrounds, denominations and stations in life that this book represents.  That these individuals would all contribute for the greater good…to help the rest of us as we are trying to figure out how to make known the name of Jesus through families!  That they have decided that the “Church Body” is worth the time, energy and effort to contribute to a project such as this book!

I have more thoughts about this book which I will post later today or tomorrow morning…(where o where did this week go???) In the meantime…a great big thank you to Minsters Label (click here to check them out) for getting all of us on the blog tour a copy of the book and I know that you can’t wait to have a copy of the book yourself so Click here to get your copy!!!

One last thing…along with the amazing wisdom to be gathered through the reading of the Collaborate book, you can get lots of insight by reading the blogs that others on the blog tour have written…check out the links on Facebook (click here)

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