A Pond Story or an Afternoon Adventure…

So I had this beautiful pond and waterfall that my most amazing son built for me….DSC_0059

And then we decided it should be bigger so we can add some fish….


Then we realized we needed to rent this thing to go bigger and deeper…


So very thankful for my hard working son…


However, a bigger and deeper pond evidently requires a massive pond liner….


Which, as it turns out, is delivered on a freight truck, a semi freight truck. So instead of my afternoon nap, I spent two hours trying to help the delivery guy get his semi unstuck from my yard. Me and our truck and a chain from my neighbor…needless to say, that didn’t work out so well (at least no one was injured). A tow truck came but left because he realized his truck was too small. Finally a semi wrecker showed up and was able to work the delivery truck out of my yard. Never a dull moment around here!

Haven’t yet decided what I can do to these tracks and hole in my yard. Maybe a small pond…..

DSC_0039                                                              DSC_0037


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