Joy in This Day

Now there were six stone water jars there for the Jewish rites of purification, each holding twenty or thirty gallons.
John 2:6 ESV

We talked about this verse tonight at Bible Study. Mostly about the part where Jesus makes the water into wine and He makes it the really, really good stuff.

I remembered a time when I heard someone teach about what these particular jars would have been used for, getting all the dirt off, the gross, smelly, filthy dirt from their travels. Jesus chose those jars for His water into wine miracle. Not the jars already used for water, or wine or any of the less disgustingly filthy jars. No, he took the worst ones, put in some water and made it into something amazing.

Most days I’m so busy asking for the water into wine miracle that I totally miss the fact that Jesus, every. Single. Day. Takes me, my heart, my soul and all the muck and mire and sin that I’ve received or dumped in myself and makes it suitable to receive fresh water, to be used for something amazing. Every day. It’s not a one time thing. Everyday. He doesn’t want me to bring Him my, cleaned up, tidied up, let’s pretend everything is perfect and I’m super Holy, vessel. There’s really not much He can do with that. Me, the me who is a broken Sinner who lives in a world full of broken Sinners, that gets covered daily with all kinds of unholy things, He takes me, and you, He takes us and sees only a perfect vessel, for Him to pour His perfect, refreshing, healing water into, so that, He can then use me, and you, to be His everyday walking around, water into wine miracles for this broken and hurting world.

When I got home this evening after waking up at 430 am, working at the shop, driving to Little Rock and back, going to Bible Study, I walk into the laundry room to discover my washer had flooded the laundry room and into my kitchen, my floor squishes water. I decided to take a deep breath and go feed the fish. As I’m looking at the pond and thinking through all the above, I see the snake resting its head on a lily pad. Seriously. This day. I’m done.

As I was turning to leave the pond, I felt a true, deep, peace… joy. The water in my pond used to be beautiful and clear and so peaceful. It takes a ridiculous amount of work to keep it that way. Most day I wonder if I’ll ever get it back. After days like today I’m too exhausted to even think about it. I’m close to tears, as I can clearly see and know, I’m like this pond. Everyday. Full of so much, not holy things, some beautiful things, sin, life, hope, brokenness, and just some real serious dirt from traveling this life, its all me, and oh my Lord, what a beautiful, sweet, soul healing relief, that I’m not the one who has to make it clean or right or Holy. Jesus did and Jesus does. Everyday.

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