Fast and Feast

Last week the Lord woke me up.  Stirred me up to pray; pray for specific people, for specific things.  As I was drifting back to sleep, the scripture, {this is my paraphrase} and some of these can only be cast out through prayer and fasting came to mind.  I told Nicole that morning at the shop that I know the Lord is telling me to fast; telling me that some of these pestering spirits, strongholds and areas of sin can only be cast out through fasting and prayer.

I didn’t want to fast.  I mean I really have a whole lot of really great and valid reasons not to fast.  But I want to seek the Lord with all my mind, heart and strength and I want to be obedient more!  I began praying and asking what kind of fast.  Really hoping it might be a 3 day, no social media or maybe just give up chocolate kind of answer 😉 It wasn’t.

We (Nicole and I) decided on a multi-faceted fast/feast.  A 21-Day Daniel Fast, a 40 Day Word Fast and a 40 Day Heart/Mind Feast. Our thought is that through fast and feast we will bring our tongue, our bodies, our minds and our hearts in alignment with the Lord. We also decided to see if anyone wanted to join with us.  A lot of you did and do, so I’m writing to offer more explanation of what we are doing.

21 Day Daniel Fast:  Three weeks of not eating meat, sweets or drinking alcohol/sodas.  I’ve done a Daniel Fast before and it’s not easy but it most certainly has been “worth” it.  As you choose to “weaken” your physical body the Holy Spirit comes in and strengthens your spirit which strengthens your physical body.  It is challenging but I’ve also been amazed at how the Lord compensates.  This fast is a great avenue for breaking strongholds, setting your mind on things above and drawing closer to the Lord.  I’m using a resource from Jentezen Franklin to be a guide for the Daniel Fast, I’ve included some links here:


Bible.Com Fasting Reading Plan

Jentezen Franklin Blog

40 Day Word Fast:  This is the one I think is going to be the most challenging and hopefully the most life changing/rewarding!  The idea behind this one comes from this book :

Reading plan on the Bible App

The idea is that you would not speak any foul words, curses, complain, mutter, gripe, or be sarcastic for 40 days.  Getting to the place where you not only control your tongue but also learn to take your thoughts captive.  I’m excited to see what happens when I begin to use my tongue for life and not death.

40 Days Mind/Heart Feast:  This is more about what we are choosing to do with our mind and our time more than it is about what we are giving up.  We are giving up anything that will draw us away from the Lord.  For me that’s mostly Pinterest, match 3 games and TV.  Instead of just giving those things up for 40 days we decided to choose two 40 day studies to complete.  We’ve been studying in the Psalms and recently came across this book:

We are excited about the creative aspect to this study.  We are also going to spend 40 Days in the Lord’s Prayer. You can choose to do one or both or something totally different. The idea is just to make sure that this 40 days we spend intentionally seeking/thinking/praying/dwelling on the things of the Lord! Feasting on His Word!

I’ve created a Fast and Feast Facebook group that you can join and a groupme group so we can send messages to one another.

GroupMe Fast and Feast code

I encourage you to join in anyway that you can.  Even if you don’t want to participate in the fasting, commit to praying with us.  Let’s pray, ask and seek big and bold and audacious things from our Heavenly Father.  But most of all, let’s seek to be in His presence, to be upheld by His Righteous Right Hand, to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, to feel His love poured out upon each of us, over all of our broken pieces and to know and experience and delight in our Heavenly Father, our Redeemer, Healer, Shepherd and El Shaddai the way that He delights over us, His Beloved.

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