These Things

Somedays just don’t feel very good.

Those days I have to work extra hard to make my mind remember the beauty of my Heavenly Father. It feels so much better to slip into negative self talk. Or to give in to my feelings. It feels like the only choice. Like a well worn glove, that’s is smooth, easy to put on and fits so well. Once I open the door then everything becomes affirmation of my negative feelings. My mind points at everything, “see, it is a bad day… It’s a Monday, what did you expect…I’m exhausted, worn out, over it, didn’t get enough rest, Mondays come too early, too quickly and they are just too hard… I can’t wait for this day to be over…”

I don’t want to be that person. I want to be the one who sees the beauty in each day. The joy that hides inside every single hard thing. The person who remembers that I am not what my mind says, I am who My Heavenly Father says I am.  It takes a lot to cast my cares and to think on these things.  I have to be willing to forgo the comfort of things I know, things that my brain tells me will bring a small measure of comfort. I have to be willing to decide to do something different.  Even when my feelings aren’t in it.  Especially when my feelings aren’t in it!

Today I was purposeful in the cup I picked to drink my coffee from, purposeful in the music we picked for the shop, and purposeful in what I allowed my mind to dwell on.

I have this book that I absolutely love. Prayers That Avail Much  I use it all the time to help me base my prayers on scriptures.  I have pages marked for easy reference.  Today I wanted something different, something different than my normal go to.  I needed something forceful to get my mind off those things and on to “these things”.  This is what I found and decided it was too good not to share…

“Father, my mouth shall praise You with joyful lips. I am ever filled and stimulated with the Holy Spirit.  I speak out in psalms and hymns and make melody with all my heart to You, Lord. My happy heart is a good medicine and my cheerful mind works healing.  The light in my eyes rejoices the heart of others.  My countenance radiates the joy of the Lord…. I am redeemed.  I come with singing and everlasting joy is upon my head.  I obtain joy and gladness, and laughter is my heritage.  I have victory in the name of Jesus.  satan is under my feet. I am not moved by adverse circumstances.  I delight myself in You, Lord.  Happy am I because God is my Lord!”

Expecting this Monday to be a Monday, tons of things will go wrong, some minor things, some major things, expecting this week to be filled with issues, trials, disappointments, frustrating things, working way more than my body is okay with…BUT in the very middle of it all I will be praising Him. I will be rejoicing that He has called me His Beloved, that He never leaves me or forsakes me, that He fulfills all my needs according to His riches and glory, that I am redeemed and set free and that there are more beautiful things in each day than I could ever count.  And, above all, through it all, I know…It is well with my soul!.

It Is Well

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