Stepping & Standing

The Lord has been speaking so much lately, it’s been a powerful couple of weeks! Frequently, the word has been Stand Firm. Victory has been won and now it’s time to STAND on what the Lord has already done!

The other word came in the powerful image of the Israelites getting ready to enter into the Promised Land after all the desert wanderings. As they came to the river Jordan, the priests had to step into the water first. Then the Lord pulled back the water. As I studied the scriptures the Lord flooded my mind and heart with a visual of them holding the Arc above their heads and stepping into the river, believing and trusting the Lord would make the way for them to not be swept away.

Several times this last several weeks. Nicole has had to gently and a few times, not so gently, remind the Lord has told me to STAND firm. And when I start to feel fear about moving forward, she forcefully speaks His truth back to me, the LORD HAS TOLD YOU TO STEP INTO THE WATERS AND TRUST HIM!

Wednesday my dear friend Marti joined me for dinner and ministry visions at Mad Acres. We both have felt the Lord stirring us up to a new thing! I’m a planner and will study/research something to death. It’s my way of stepping with actually doing anything 😉 We spent the evening confirming for each other what the Lord was saying…bottom line He told us it’s time to STAND and time to STEP. Y’all not going to lie, its all the feels with this season. So much excitement, a little fear, overwhelmed with love, the Father’s love, wanting to run full speed ahead and occasionally wanting to crawl under the covers, I want to sing, dance and shout all the things He is saying and doing and revealing and I also want to just sit quietly by myself and ponder all the things.

After Marti left I decided a little worship time in the hot tub was just what the evening needed. I still don’t exactly what happened, but somehow I fell/lost my balance, managed to step out of my slipper and kick the hot tub step with my bare foot. I said, out loud to my Mad Pack, well kids, “mom just broke her toe.” I still got in the hot tub. My little toe was sticking out to the side so I thought maybe I had dislocated it, decided to try and put it back. I felt it click, click, click and realized it was not dislocated. Xray this morning confirmed my little toe is indeed broken. I will be in a boot about 8 weeks since I’m a slow healer.

Can I just tell you though, I find the whole thing rather hilarious. Thursday as I was sitting at my desk it full on hit me all the Lord had been saying about standing and stepping….and I break my foot. I started laughing out loud. As I told Nicole about it she started laughing and then pointed out that even injured I had still stepped into the water! I had shared a story about Smith Wigglesworth on my IG earlier this week, how when he awoke in the middle of the night and realized there was an intruder in his home, he got out of bed, lit a candle and when he came face to face with satan himself, Wigglesworth blew out the candle and said, “oh, it’s just you”. I had told Nicole this is the kind of faith in the victory I want to have. To so know that the enemy has been defeated that I no longer try to just survive/endure his attacks. And here I am laughing at the enemy’s pathetic attempt to derail me. The Lord has told me to STAND FIRM and to STEP OUT IN FAITH…and I will do it regardless of broken toes and boots or even hopping on one foot. Y’all what the enemy intended for harm the Lord has used for good, because I am taking this as clear confirmation that I did indeed hear clearly from the Lord….victory is mine, I stand firm on the territory He has given to me and I know without a doubt it is time to step into the waters of this new ministry He has called us to!

I may be hobbling with my boot, but In Jesus Name, I’m standing and stepping!

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