Better than Fair

If life were fair, I could eat Lucky Charms.

I’ve shared a lot about how challenging life has been over the last several years and there’s been so much more that I haven’t shared. Most days I can keep going right a long with the punches. But occasionally they pile up on me. Seems to particularly happen when I’m not feeling well. Having an autoimmune disorder and other health issues, means that’s not terribly uncommon. I came back from Anthony’s engagement weekend with a real doozy of a sinus infection.

Yesterday I received the results of some bloodwork I had done. Nothing terrible or too alarming. But not good reports either. Life. Style. Change. I believe are the words they use. Whatever. {hard eye roll …. my inner child comes out hard when Lucky Charms are involved}

So today I’m at the shop with this psycho painful sinus infection, RA feeling like it wants to full on flair, I’m barely staying awake…blah blah blah….all the things. And Nicole, my best friend and business partner says something along the lines of , “well what’s it going to take for you to do the things to take care of yourself?” I whine a little bit. {That’s about all she’ll put up with.} I say something along the lines of not feeling well, I just need a nap, I shouldn’t have to deal with all this when I have to deal with all the other stuff already…

She listens, she nods, she says I’ll give you five minutes to lay on the floor an cry it all out. I just looked at her and said rather quickly and forcefuly, “NO, don’t leave, someone needs to listen to me whine” She sits down and draws a cross on a piece of paper, { Rebecca’s Plan }. She then baby steps me all the way through all four quadrants….filling them in for me, healthy choices to make healthy life style changes, a little at a time. Several times I remind her I’m sick, I’m tired and life hasn’t been fair. She hears me and keeps going. “What are you going to do to_______________.” With every response she asks me what she can do to help me acheive my steps. When I try to wimp out with tiny baby steps she pushes me further. The words, “who are you, where is all this healthy talk coming from?” came out of my mouth more than once. She listened, she heard me and she kept going. Until finally we were done.

She said she was going to keep my paper, I thught she meant so she could do it for me, she meant for accountability.

After she left, I muttered again to myself and to the Lord, “If life were fair I could eat Lucky Charms. I should at least be able to eat what I want if I’m going to have to deal with all the other things”

And then the Holy Spirit says to me, “this is better than fair….you get to have a freind who literally sits next to you and draws you a healthy life plan, so you can be healthy and enjoy this life, that’s better than fair.”

So when you see me the next several weeks, be kind and gentle, I’m not getting to eat Lucky Charm and Nicole and the Holy Spirit don’t seem inclined to cut me any slack, and maybe whisper, “It’s better than fair.” Which my heart knows, but sometimes my Lucky Charm loving mind forgets.

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