Sole Owner and Open Hands

Well it’s been a wild roller coaster of a journey. As of today I am the sole owner of Mad Acres.

From seperation to should I stay or should I go, to divorce to selling, to staying, to selling for real, to accepting an offer, to now. Refinancing this land and this home into my name. Just mine. Which I offer to the Lord for His purpose and His plans. Just mine that I will care for in all it’s chaos and joy. My Mad Acres. Our Mad Acres. The Lord’s, mine and yours. The ones who have loved all the stories all the Mad Pack. You who have given me encouragement and laughter along with the Mad Acres stories.

One of my favorite stories from the Bible is the widow who had just enough flour left to have a last taste of bread for her and her son and then die. (1 Kings 17:8-16) I think often of how tightly she must have held on to the last little bit. All the emotions and feelings she must have had. And yet, it was in the opening of her hand, the release of all she had left, that the Lord was able to supply her needs. What it must have felt like to stick her hand down into the jar and feel His provision and each time to bring it up clenched tightly into her hand, all she had left, just this tiny little bit, and each time to open her hand to offer it up to the Lord.

There is something that the Lord does with our open handed offering. The one that follows the desperately holding on that happens in our, “surely I will die, this is ALL I have left” seasons. A beautiful, powerful,intimate provision.

For a while I held too tightly to Mad Acres. Determined not lose everything. Fierce determination not to let the enemy win in all the ways. I missed seeing that somewhere along the way I was holding too much, too tightly, my desperation was in not having everything torn asunder. The Lord desires my desperation be given over to Him so He can show me the path to worship and wholeness. Renewal and hope. Joy and laughter. Taking the leap, open handed, from surely I will die, to surely His goodness and mercy will be with me and I will dwell in HIS house ALL the days of my life.

As I drove to sign all the papers this morning I was thinking back over the years and I was filled with so many emotions but at my core was peace. A strength I didn’t know could be mine. I had the thought that I should have some type of keys to give to myself.  Mad Acres being mine and the Lord’s now.

I remembered that my friend Summer had randomly given me this new key chain less than a week ago. I had put it in my purse. It is the exact recreation of a vision that the Lord had given me a while back, one that I haven’t fully discovered or understood the revelation of just yet. One the Lord has given me a glimpse of and asked me to trust Him to reveal to me all it’s beauty, wisdom, knowledge and purpose in His timing, not mine.

I have no keys to put on it. Which seems so very fitting for this time, for this day. This day of new beginnings, waiting to see what Lord reveals to me through this journey and life of Mad Acres, what He will place into my open hand.

To be continued….who knows what is coming next πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ˜πŸ’–

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