Well, I watched the movie….

I watched the movie "Cuties". I share a lot of my life on social media, but I actually try not to randomly scroll {too much.} I am an extroverted introvert (stronger on the introvert) I need disconnected time in order to refresh and recharge. So, when the subject of Cuties, Netflix and pedophilia was brought... Continue Reading →

Sole Owner and Open Hands

Well it's been a wild roller coaster of a journey. As of today I am the sole owner of Mad Acres. From seperation to should I stay or should I go, to divorce to selling, to staying, to selling for real, to accepting an offer, to now. Refinancing this land and this home into my... Continue Reading →

Fighting in the Shade

I've been in this process for the last several years of figuring out Church. When I read the New Testament I see that we have traveled far and wide from the original Way. That doesn't mean it is bad or wrong, but it is something I've been thinking about and pondering heavily for years. Even... Continue Reading →

Better than Fair

If life were fair, I could eat Lucky Charms. I've shared a lot about how challenging life has been over the last several years and there's been so much more that I haven't shared. Most days I can keep going right a long with the punches. But occasionally they pile up on me. Seems to... Continue Reading →

Holy Unsettling

This morning I stopped to take this picture. As I pondered it this evening the Holy Spirit asked me what was dwelling beneath the surface. I can see the power, beauty, peace and redeeming sun rise, see the feathered clouds and colors of the morning sun rays and I can even see how the sunrise... Continue Reading →

Dead Girl Walking

One year ago today I had my car accident. It was a typical Wednesday morning, I was driving to work about 6:30 am. I going about 60 mph and as I came upon the intersection, I could see the car not stopping at the stop sign. I started honking like crazy. A split second before... Continue Reading →

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