Joy in This Day

Now there were six stone water jars there for the Jewish rites of purification, each holding twenty or thirty gallons. John 2:6 ESV We talked about this verse tonight at Bible Study. Mostly about the part where Jesus makes the water into wine and He makes it the really, really good stuff. I remembered... Continue Reading →

I Choose

Logan opened the shop for me this morning, so I could go to Barre Class. This morning I decided I really just needed a little time with the Lord at my pond, in my prayer garden. There was just enough light to see, I wanted to watch the sun rise. I sat and watched my... Continue Reading →

Broken and Beautiful

I decided to do a little work outside Saturday. My RA was telling me to stay in bed and rest but the warm weather and sunshine told me to go for it! As I walked around I was saddened to see how far gone my beautiful place is. Last year was a really hard year... Continue Reading →

Fully Bloomed

I haven't slept more than a couple of hours each night for weeks. Yesterday my doctor lectured me on the need for sleep…”everyone needs sleep, but when your body already works against you, it is very important for you to get sleep”.  I explained that I would love to sleep but felt like there are a... Continue Reading →


So today was such a beautiful day that I decided to don my "Spider Armor" and go work in the yard. Yes I know that this is simply a pair of rubber boots and gloves, I never said my spider phobia was rational. And yes that is yellow duct tape on the boot, I had... Continue Reading →

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