Broken and Beautiful

I decided to do a little work outside Saturday. My RA was telling me to stay in bed and rest but the warm weather and sunshine told me to go for it! As I walked around I was saddened to see how far gone my beautiful place is. Last year was a really hard year... Continue Reading →


Today I did Bible Study, today I talked with someone who's brother is choosing to go astray, today I told them there is hope in Jesus, today I prayed, today I planned, today I showered, today I took my boy, all 17 years of him, to rent a tux for prom, today I had lunch... Continue Reading →


This is a beautiful day and I amazed at how incredibly blessed we are to have this home, with it's quiet and peaceful surroundings.  I am on the front porch watching the wildlife go about doing things they do, gather their food, sing their songs, run about, watching the sun cast it's reflection on the... Continue Reading →

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