My thoughts on the anniversary of my divorce.

One year ago today I answered the phone and was informed that I was now legally divorced. I answered the phone as a woman who had been married for 22 years (the 28th of May would have been 23) and a few seconds later, hung up the phone a woman who was divorced. I never... Continue Reading →

Joy in This Day

Now there were six stone water jars there for the Jewish rites of purification, each holding twenty or thirty gallons. John 2:6 ESV We talked about this verse tonight at Bible Study. Mostly about the part where Jesus makes the water into wine and He makes it the really, really good stuff. I remembered... Continue Reading →

Remembering Good Friday

I can remember all the things about this day 11 years ago. Like they just happened. It was Good Friday. I flew to Arizona early in the morning. When I arrived the sun was hot and there was a fierce wind. I remember watching the traffic lights swing back and forth because of the wind.... Continue Reading →

Broken and Beautiful

I decided to do a little work outside Saturday. My RA was telling me to stay in bed and rest but the warm weather and sunshine told me to go for it! As I walked around I was saddened to see how far gone my beautiful place is. Last year was a really hard year... Continue Reading →

The Darkest Valley

We landed in the Dallas airport after a 7 day Caribbean Cruise.  My heart, mind, soul and body refreshed, new life and strength and courage brought in by the sea breeze, sunshine, sleep, laughter upon laughter and by the gentle love of my Heavenly Father.  Bekah asked me to call. I know I should wait.... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Deserve This

Celebrated my 40th birthday this week. It has been a beautiful, sweet, loving and joyful week! I absolutely love celebrating my birthday. That’s a fairly recent thing. Well, 10 years to be exact. Prior to my 30th. I greatly disliked my birthday. As a child for several, too many, years my birthday meant an increase... Continue Reading →

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