Sole Owner and Open Hands

Well it's been a wild roller coaster of a journey. As of today I am the sole owner of Mad Acres. From seperation to should I stay or should I go, to divorce to selling, to staying, to selling for real, to accepting an offer, to now. Refinancing this land and this home into my... Continue Reading →

Holy Unsettling

This morning I stopped to take this picture. As I pondered it this evening the Holy Spirit asked me what was dwelling beneath the surface. I can see the power, beauty, peace and redeeming sun rise, see the feathered clouds and colors of the morning sun rays and I can even see how the sunrise... Continue Reading →

All the Dirty Things

One year ago today I wrote this in my online journal... Years ago, at a very large ministry conference, in a stadium packed with a few thousand people, I had one of the most intense, powerful, intimate encounters with the Lord I had ever experienced. We were singing a new song, You're Beautiful . The... Continue Reading →

The Place to Be

Anthony called me Friday. He told me he had just received a call from a doctor he had gone to see. Anthony has had a few episodes of passing out. Some of you might remember this past fall when he passed out in his bathroom and busted his head open and nearly sent his mama... Continue Reading →

I Choose

Logan opened the shop for me this morning, so I could go to Barre Class. This morning I decided I really just needed a little time with the Lord at my pond, in my prayer garden. There was just enough light to see, I wanted to watch the sun rise. I sat and watched my... Continue Reading →

In the Water

As I was working (sort of) around my place Saturday I stepped into one of the deceptive areas that are found scattered around our property. I thought it looked dry enough but quickly discovered it was not, it was soft and wet and marshy. Almost immediately the words, “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand”... Continue Reading →

My Pieces

I wrote this post back in September in my private journal. (I LOVE Penzu ) Unfortunately, I kept forcing my pieces, until I was in pieces. Letting the Lord put me back together now...So I bought this windmill for my eclectic, charming, quaint, whimsical prayer garden. Loved the images on the blades of the fan. Thought it... Continue Reading →

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