For The Beauty

This morning I looked out over our pond to watch the sun fully rise. It's one of my favorite things to do. It really is beautiful and I am ever reminded just how much my Father in Heaven has blessed me.This morning the suns rays glistened across a very large spider web. This is the... Continue Reading →

A Book to Open the Eyes of My Heart…

I downloaded a free book yesterday.  It's a habit of mine. Today I read that book.  Was just going to read a few chapters.  I read the whole thing.  I cannot shake this feeling, the burden, this weight, this knowledge that the eyes of my heart have been closed, lulled to sleep by comfort, my idea that... Continue Reading →

Collaborate Book!

I was blessed to be given an advanced copy of the Collaborate Book to read, ponder and then blog about.  I have been reading it and I will have to say my overall favorite thing about the book is in the title! I LOVE the collaborating community.  I feel like the Lord has given us... Continue Reading →


Today we talked about Lazarus in the clubhouse (large group SS).  As we watching our DVD teaching I was struck by how much this situation is like mine with my brother, Matthew.  We watched a women act as Martha, Lazarus' sister, and she had such faith, she just knew that as soon as Jesus arrived... Continue Reading →

Life is Hard

Just when I begin to think that I have it all figured out and have managed to pass through a certain rough patch something comes along that makes me realize just how hard this life really is. I know this is a result of the fall...but I am still somewhat caught of guard by life's... Continue Reading →

Cold Saturday Morning

Since Anthony was old enough to talk we have had our "Lazy Saturdays". I love to get up (late) and then just veg out the rest of the day. This is not something that David enjoys. So this is something just for Anthony and I. We usually have lazy days when David is at Guard... Continue Reading →


What is it about being at Mom's? I didn't grow up out here, mom bought this house at the same time I was getting married...but still when we come here, we are home. The food taste so much better, the sleep is deeper, the chores are easier, home...My brother and his family came for dinner... Continue Reading →

Going to Nana’s

We are currently all sacked out in a hotel in Grants,NM. Exhausted! What is it about driving that makes you so tired? Even being so sleepy I can hardly hold my eyes open I wouldn't trade these trips for anything. We love to drive. The time we get to spend with each other is truly... Continue Reading →


Tonight my boys are watching a football game. David is on one sofa, Georgia laying at his feet(shhh...don't tell him) and Anthony is laying on a mattress in front of the tv with Raven curled up beside him or on him. One of my favorite things to do is to listen to my boys as... Continue Reading →

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