Lost and Found

I'm writing this post in the very midst of my emotions. Which I typically avoid. At least I write those knowing no one will ever read them. This one feels like it needs to be written and shared. And I'm sure I'm using this as a coping/processing tool...so thanks for helping me heal 🙂 My... Continue Reading →

Angry Rebecca

I'm pretty sure it started with being in physical pain. My right arm/wrist was hurting, really hurting. I couldn't pick up Mabel on Saturday and then Fitzgerald and Hank walked up on either side and it hurt to pet Fitzgerald with my right arm. Its May. The accident was in Feb and I'm really tired... Continue Reading →

He Sees

I haven't felt well.  I have this auto immune disorder and sometimes it likes to create total disorder in my life.  This past couple of weeks have been particularly challenging.  Several days I have felt like there is no way possible for me to even get out of bed much less work all day in... Continue Reading →

And here we are….

Some days TimeHop is just a little too much for me. I scroll through the years of memories, documented in my social media accounts. These last couple of years have been years of things being taken away, things lost, things broken beyond repair. So when I see all these memories it is through the eyes... Continue Reading →

I Choose

Logan opened the shop for me this morning, so I could go to Barre Class. This morning I decided I really just needed a little time with the Lord at my pond, in my prayer garden. There was just enough light to see, I wanted to watch the sun rise. I sat and watched my... Continue Reading →

Remembering Good Friday

I can remember all the things about this day 11 years ago. Like they just happened. It was Good Friday. I flew to Arizona early in the morning. When I arrived the sun was hot and there was a fierce wind. I remember watching the traffic lights swing back and forth because of the wind.... Continue Reading →

In the Water

As I was working (sort of) around my place Saturday I stepped into one of the deceptive areas that are found scattered around our property. I thought it looked dry enough but quickly discovered it was not, it was soft and wet and marshy. Almost immediately the words, “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand”... Continue Reading →

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