Give the Gift

I have two primary love languages, gifts and acts of service.  Gifts are always more than just the gift itself. I actually really don't care for holidays where gift giving is expected... don't give me a gift because you have to. Christmas stresses me out, the expectation to give so many gifts and the stress of... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Deserve This

Celebrated my 40th birthday this week. It has been a beautiful, sweet, loving and joyful week! I absolutely love celebrating my birthday. That’s a fairly recent thing. Well, 10 years to be exact. Prior to my 30th. I greatly disliked my birthday. As a child for several, too many, years my birthday meant an increase... Continue Reading →

So, India? !

Years ago, probably pretty close to 10 years ago, I attended the Joyce Meyer's Women's conference in St. Louis. It was an amazing time of worship and drawing close to the Lord. It was also the first time my heart and eyes were truly opened to "the least of these". We watched a video JM... Continue Reading →

Things Lost

In the last several months I have been having this recurring "nightmare" in which I have lost something important or it has been stolen.

My Pieces

I wrote this post back in September in my private journal. (I LOVE Penzu ) Unfortunately, I kept forcing my pieces, until I was in pieces. Letting the Lord put me back together now...So I bought this windmill for my eclectic, charming, quaint, whimsical prayer garden. Loved the images on the blades of the fan. Thought it... Continue Reading →

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